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NEK606 与远洋电缆型号对照表  
序号 NEK606  型号 远洋型号 电压  备注
1 RFOU P19/P21 CEPJ85/SC 12/20KV 耐油泥
2 TFOU P19/P21 CJPJ85/SC 12/20KV 耐油泥
3 RFOU P19 CEPJ85/SC 12/20KV  
4 TFOU P19 CJPJ85/SC 12/20KV  
5 RFOU P4/P11  CEPJ85/SC 8.7/15KV 耐油泥
6 TFOU P4/P11  CJPJ85/SC 8.7/15KV 耐油泥
7 RFOU P4  CEPJ85/SC 8.7/15KV  
8 TFOU P4  CJPJ85/SC 8.7/15KV  
9 RFOU P3/P10  CEPJ85/SC 6/10KV 耐油泥
10 TFOU P3/P10  CJPJ85/SC 6/10KV 耐油泥
11 RFOU P3  CEPJ85/SC 6/10KV  
12 TFOU P3  CJPJ85/SC 6/10KV  
13 RFOU P2/P9  CEPJ85/SC 3.6/6KV 耐油泥
14 TFOU P2/P9  CJPJ85/SC 3.6/6KV 耐油泥
15 RFOU P2  CEPJ85/SC 3.6/6KV  
16 TFOU P2  CJPJ85/SC 3.6/6KV  
17 BFOU P7/P14  CEPJ85/NC 6/10KV 耐油泥
18 BFOU P7  CEPJ85/NC 6/10KV  
19 BFOU P6/P13  CEPJ85/NC 3.6/6KV 耐油泥
20 BFOU P6  CEPJ85/NC 3.6/6KV  
21 RFOU P1/P8  CEPJ85/SC 0.6/1KV 耐油泥
22 TFOU P1/P8  CJPJ85/SC 0.6/1KV 耐油泥
23 RFOU P1  CEPJ85/SC 0.6/1KV  
24 RU P18 CEPJ/SC 0.6/1KV  
25 TFOU P1 CJPJ85/SC 0.6/1KV  
26 BFOU P5/P12 CEPJ85/NC 0.6/1KV EPR绝缘耐油泥
27 BFOU P5/P12 CJPJ85/NC 0.6/1KV XLPE绝缘耐油泥
28 BFOU P5 CEPJ85/NC 0.6/1KV EPR 绝缘
29 BU P17 CEPJ/NC 0.6/1KV  
30 BFOU P5 CJPJ85/NC 0.6/1KV XLPE 绝缘
31 RFOU(i) S1/S5 CHEPJP85/SC 250V 耐油泥
32 RFOU(i) S1 CHEPJP85/SC 250V  
33 RFOU(c) S2/S6 CHEPJPz85/SC 250V 耐油泥
34 RFOU(c) S2 CHEPJPz85/SC 250V  
35 RFOU(i&c) CHEPJ85/SC 250V 独立屏蔽+整体屏蔽;耐油泥
36 RFOU(i&c) CHEPJ85/SC 250V 独立屏蔽+整体屏蔽;非耐油泥
37 RU(i) S11 CHEPJP/SC 250V  
38 RU(c) S12 CHEPJPz/SC 250V  
39 RU(i&c) CHEPJ/SC 250V 独立屏蔽+整体屏蔽
40 BFOU(i) S3/S7 CHEPJP85/NC 250V 耐油泥
41 BFOU(i) S3 CHEPJP85/NC 250V  
42 BFOU(c) S4/S8 CHEPJPz85/NC 250V 耐油泥
43 BFOU(c) S4 CHEPJPz85/NC 250V  
44 BFOU(i&c) CHEPJ85/NC 250V 独立屏蔽+整体屏蔽;耐油泥
45 BFOU(i&c) CHEPJ85/NC 250V 独立屏蔽+整体屏蔽;非耐油泥
46 BU(i) S13 CHEPJP/NC 250V  
47 BU(c) S14 CHEPJPz/NC 250V  
48 BU(i&c) CHEPJ/NC 250V 独立屏蔽+整体屏蔽
49 UX P15 CBY or CBYR 0.6/1KV  
50 RX CBE or CBER 0.6/1KV  
51 RFOU-VFD CEPJ85/SC-VFD 0.6/1KV; 1.8/3kV  
52 BFOU-VFD CEPJ85/NC-VFD 0.6/1KV; 1.8/3kV  

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