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    In 1992, the founder of Yuanyang, Mr. Yongsheng He, established Yangzhou Yuanyang Marine Cable Works, marking the historic start of Yuanyang. Though beginning from a small-scale factory, through more than 18 years of development, Yuanyang has now grown up from a small factory into the most important supplier of naval, marine and offshore cables in China. It has got great achievements and become the archetype of successful private enterprises. In the five years from 2011 to 2015, Yuanyang will be dedicated to becoming one of the most important marine and naval cable suppliers in Asian-pacific area.
    Yuanyang has been dedicated to researching, developing and manufacturing marine, offshore and naval cables since its foundation, this strategic selection helped bring up Yuanyang into an increasingly powerful company. At the beginning, Yuanyang’s customers were only a few small shipyards around Yangzhou, the number of employees were merely dozens, annual sales just a few million RMB, and it was rarely know. But now, Yuanyang’s annual sales have exeeded 1 billion RMB, the number of employees has risen to more than1000, the customers has expanded to all parts of China, Japan, Korea and southeast Asian countries and regions, and Yuanyang Cable has become a highly respected and famous brand in the field.
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